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The Evolution of Online Poker: From Video Poker to Live Poker

Once a game rooted in history and live competition, poker has now evolved to be played on screens all over the world, bridging geographic boundaries and blending perfectly with the digital era. This development shows the versatility of a classic card game as well as the influence of the internet on how we play, compete, and enjoy the fun of poker. By following the development of online poker, we are able to see an industry that combines innovation, poker’s democratization, and the combination of online experiences. First, let’s take a look at video poker:

Video Poker

The basic rules of video poker are the same as those of traditional five-card draw poker. The participant places a wager to start the game, and then they are dealt five cards from a standard 52-card deck. To create the finest possible poker hand, the player must then choose which cards to keep and which to discard. New cards are dealt in place of the ones that were discarded, and the payment is decided by the last hand.


With so many varieties available to players to suit varying tastes and skill levels, video poker is a versatile game so players exploring online casino games have a lot to pick from. Among the popular versions are:


  • Jacks or Better: The most basic type of video poker in which a player must win with at least two Jacks.


  • Deuces Wild: This variation drastically changes the game’s dynamics by making all twos wild.


  • Joker Poker: This type of poker has a joker in the deck, which acts as a wild card and increases the possibility of making strong hands.


  • Bonus Poker: Incentives players to pursue higher-value combos by introducing bonus rewards for particular hands.


  • Double Bonus Poker: This variation of Bonus Poker offers bigger prizes for specific four-of-a-kind hands.

Live Online Poker

When we talk about online poker, we’re talking about live online poker, which attempts to imitate live casino poker as much as possible. With live online poker, real-time games with real human dealers are aired. RNG-driven traditional online poker was devoid of the social and interactive components found in live poker games. In order to fill this void, live online poker was created, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to mimic the real atmosphere of a physical casino. Online casinos such as Royal Reels which feature live dealer games have sections or specialized platforms where players can access live online poker.



  • Live Video Streaming: Top-notch video technology is used to webcast the games in real-time. An enhanced level of immersion is achieved by allowing players to observe the dealer dealing, shuffle cards, and oversee the game.


  • Interactive Chat: Most live online poker rooms come with a chat option that lets players talk to the dealer and other players while they’re playing. This social component mimics the social atmosphere of a real poker table by adding another level of interaction and involvement.


  • Professional Dealers: Skilled and experienced dealers supervise the games, guaranteeing equitable gameplay and upholding the game’s integrity. The human aspect enhances the internet experience’s authenticity.


  • Variety of Poker Games: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, and other poker variations are available in live online poker. Different player interests and ability levels are catered to by this variety.


  • Real Money Play: Real money is frequently used in live online poker games, allowing players to stake and win genuine cash rewards. This feature gives the games a sense of suspense and stakes.


  • Options for Multiple Tables: A lot of live online poker rooms in online casinos like Royal Reels let players play at several tables at once. More seasoned players who relish the challenge of running several games at once will find this option appealing.

New Formats and Innovations in Online Poker

The development of new formats and varieties, in addition to constant improvements in gameplay and user experience, are two significant factors driving evolution. These innovations support a vibrant and varied online poker community by drawing in new players in addition to satisfying the needs of seasoned enthusiasts.

New Formats


Fast-Fold Poker:


  • The development of fast-fold poker changed the rules of the game. With this style, there is no waiting period in between hands as players can fold their hands and go to a different table instantly.


  • Due to its ability to satisfy players’ need for rapid-fire games, fast-fold poker is quite well-liked by those with tight schedules.


Spin & Go Tournaments:


  • Poker was exposed to a lottery-style element through Spin & Go tournaments. The possibility of winning a jackpot payout attracts players, resulting in an exciting and erratic dynamic.


  • Recreational players were drawn to this development, which elevated the excitement level above that of regular tournament formats.


Bounty Tournaments:


  • Bounty tournaments blend the excitement of elimination games into poker. The strategic aspect of the game is enhanced by the monetary awards that players receive for defeating rivals.


  • Because it offers both competitiveness and the possibility of large profits, the reward format has become more and more popular.


Short Deck Poker:


  • In the short deck, or 6+ hold’em, variation, any card that is not a six is eliminated from the deck. This variation significantly modifies hand rankings and strategies, adding a new level of excitement to the game.


  • There is a niche market for short-deck poker made up of players looking for an exciting and unpredictable poker game.



Virtual Reality (VR) Poker:


  • Virtual reality technology has been used to produce engaging poker games. By donning virtual reality headsets, players may replicate the ambiance of a live poker game while seated at virtual tables.


  • With the help of this innovation, online poker now has a social component that makes player interaction more realistic.


Interactive Features and Gamification:


  • To increase player engagement, poker platforms have incorporated gamification aspects and interactive features. Players stay motivated and engaged with the help of achievements, challenges, and reward systems.


  • Poker’s recreational value is increased through gamification, which attracts a wider audience.


AI-Assisted Gameplay:


  • Online poker has incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) to give players information and support while making decisions.


  • AI tools help make online poker more analytical and instructional by analyzing gameplay patterns and providing strategic recommendations.


Multi-Table and Multi-Variant Options:


  • Thanks to software innovations, players may now multi-table more effectively and manage many games at once.


  • With the development of mixed-game formats, players can now alternate between variations, demonstrating their adaptability and competence across many poker disciplines.


A Happy News for Poker Enthusiasts Everywhere!

Online poker has been revitalized by innovations in both gaming and user experience. The poker industry has always welcomed change, offering players exciting variations and immersive environments, from fast-fold formats to virtual reality poker rooms. The arrival of AI assistance has improved players’ abilities and made online poker a venue for strategic expertise and thought-provoking engagement. Online poker continues to evolve at a rapid pace. A poker scene that is both interesting and unpredictable is promised by technological developments, fresh formats, and an ever-growing player base.


Online poker is now positioned as a vibrant community that honors its history while welcoming the opportunities of the future thanks to the mix of tradition and innovation.


The way online poker has developed over the years is evidence of its lasting legacy, which has been fashioned by innovation, accepted by players, and is set to explore new discoveries, players exploring online casino games still make it one of their choices.